Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A continue blogging

Hi .................
It has been really very long time, i penned down.

This is just a start to continue my blogging practice again.
Will try to post at least one in a week.

Planning to create a new blog, portraying my cooking skills.
Suggest  a name for it... please.............
Also planning to upload a new pic of my angel every Monday.
Which would result in a good collection to present my daughter.
What do you say ???

You might be thinking..... Why should I tell my plans, before i actual implement...??
It is because, I want my blog followers to suggest me to make this blog colorful, entertaining and lively.

Loads of love

Friday, June 10, 2011

7 pages on google search : RajiniVinay

Hi Friends,

Wanna share something with you

When you search something on google search engine, it shows ample of results on the page.
If the word is too popular then we can find ample of pages with the searched word

So, I just tried searching for RajiniVinay in google search engine, I could find 7 complete pages resulting on the screen

It feels really good to see that.
Raj is becoming popular..... he he he

For sure, I am gonna reach count 10   very soon
Someday with your support and love will reach count 100

With all your support

What do others look in you

Hi friends.

I often wonder why the hell others look only at the drawbacks of a person

For example,
  • You could have dressed up better
  • You could have managed your family better
  • You could have performed better
  • You should have thought about savings
  • You are looking old
  • Look at your tummy its growing

So, what do they really want…?????
  • Do they want to get hold of the communication, and to convey that they are better off?
  • Do they want to pull me down, why the hell they cannot see the good things i have and spread the positive energy
  • Why do they want to pull me down.

The bottom-line is “You know better rather best about you” so never get you down, just because other person want to pull you down, keep yourselves away of the negative energies around you, it will eat your brain and stop you moving forward and be successful.

Be positive and spread positive energies around.

Read this somewhere 
So thought i can share it with you

Rajini Vinay

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Birthday Gift for this year 2011

Hi Friends,

Tomorrow i.e 29th May is my birthday.

May 29 Birthday Astrology

Geminis born on May 29 possess a star quality that is unrivaled by others. Their ability to sway the opinions of others is nothing short of miraculous. They possess charm, intelligence, and wit. If they lack for anything it is an introspective side. These social individuals prefer not to analyze their feelings. They gravitate toward risk and sometimes are foolhardy.

This birthday is very special for me for various personal reasons of mine
My astrology says that If I lack for anything it would be introspective side.

So I request all my friends to write few things about me which would be a precious gift on my birthday

           Please write ur opinion on these :
  • The best thing about me
  • The worst thing about me
  • Is there anything u have learn't from me ? If yes then what is it ?
  • If u want to suggest me something, what would it be ?

The best answers for all the four questions will be given a gift on behalf  of my birthday.

Isn't that interesting ???

I request you to take some time and write ur opinions about the 4 points I mentioned

Will be waiting for ur gift.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Parents 30th Wedding Anniversary - Pearl


Pearl is a symbol of hidden beauty, purity and depths of emotion and understanding.

These qualities make it a fitting emblem of the 30th anniversary.

Mom and Dad, 
              Wish u both a very happy 30th wedding anniversary
             U mean a lot to me

I could understand the real importance of u both in my life when I gave birth to Nikki

The moral support which dad used to give me all the time, the way Mom used to help me out preparing food early in the morning by 6am. Everything is adorable.

  • Used to iron my clothes
  • Sometime he used to do head massage
  • He even polished my shoes during my schooling

All these he has done with loads of love filled in his heart.
Never in my life till now, he has pointed out about what all he did for me

He is such a loving person on the earth.

  •           You are the best mom in this world.
  •           You are the most innocent woman I have ever seen
  •           You are the best Wife one can have
 Mom you obey dad like anything. There were times when dad used to scream at u for no reason. But u always used to keep urself quiet.  

This is the best thing I have learnt from u mom.  
Have lot many things to learn from u mom.
I Always used to tease, looking at ur bloating tummy. But u never cursed me for being the reason for it.

Sometimes I feel real guilt for what all I did  unknowingly.
But now I am able to realize that parents can do anything for their children

Parents love towards their children is unconditional

Mom and Dad
Thanks(Superlative degree) for everything.

You both are the best couple on this earth.
I wish u a very happy wedding anniversary

Your loving Princess
Raja (Thats my nick name)